Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Google Templates!

There are thousands of pre-made google documents templates here!


Project tracker - Crisp

Project tracker - Crisp

Resume - Standard

Resume - Standard. See also Cover letter - Standard.

Purchase order - Crisp

Purchase order - Crisp

Project proposal - Professional (Cool)

Project proposal - Professional (Cool)

Resume - Traditional

Resume - Traditional. Also see Cover letter - Traditional.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

How to Create a Landing Page with the Genesis Framework

First you need to do is create a page_landing.php file, which you’ll place inside your child theme’s folder. Start that off by placing this code at the top of it:
Template Name: Landing

his will generate the Landing page template, and make it available in the Page Attributes > Template box on the ‘edit page’ screen in your dashboard.
Next, you’ll want to place a function that will create a custom body class for the pages that use the Landing Page template. Place this code next in your file:
// Add custom body class to the head
add_filter( 'body_class', 'add_body_class' );
function add_body_class( $classes ) {
   $classes[] = 'custom-landing';
   return $classes;
This will place the custom-landing class into the source code 

"OptimizePress" (Wordpress Theme) or Wordpress Plugin, "Premise"

is a WordPress theme designed to allow you to set up professional squeeze pages, sales pages and membership sites.

Is a Wordpress plugin that lets you quickly create, test, and optimize landing pages.

                                                               Premise              Optimize Press
Sales page                                            Yes                         Yes
Squeeze Page                                       Yes                        Yes
Membership Page                              No                          Yes  (Using Wishlist mgmt)
Automates Evergreen Launches     No                          Yes   (Using Aweber)
Price                                                      $85                         $97
Updates included                               6 mths                   Unlimited
Wordpress                                            Plugin                   A theme itself
Aesthetics                                             Ok                          More polished
On-page elements                                                              Video player, buttons, timed release                                                                           
Blog                                             N.A.                  Yes
Copywriting assistance                   Yes                    Not really?

Basic Landing Page to Purchase Workflow

Sign Up Now
4 Original Articles
2 Page Optimizations
5 Hand-Built Links
Article Installation
Monthly Dashboards
Unlimited Support

Used to build and test landing pages. Landing pages are built, published, and hosted on Unbounce servers. Not currently possible to integrate the landing pages with existing websites. (Or Wordpress)

Recurring billing for web 2.0 services. Only start charging after you hit 50 customers (regular charges from your merchant, like Authorize.net still apply).

Online form buildernline form builder

SAMPLE: Landing page built by
http://www.pearanalytics.net/seo-packages/  using Unbounce, Form using Chargify

Product #1: Link building service
Product #2: SEO Copywriting Service (3 packages) 

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

4 Types of Chat Rooms

Lets you create a Flash-based HTML widget to embed

create public/private chat rooms, providing a link to the room in the form of, link on a webpage or email. Customizable.

Embeddable as a regular text link, or a pop-up link. Paid upgrades available.

Meebo and Meebo Rooms
Embeddable, simple, video and chat. Registering lets you create a buddy list of participants.

[Source: http://www.makeuseof.com/tag/the-six-best-chat-rooms-for-your-site/]

Monday, January 28, 2013

Cool Social Media Tools

Tweriod - Analyzes the times your Twitter followers are posting and recommends times for you to post.
Tweet Reach - Analyzes how many impressions your tweet or tweets received.
Reachli Formerly Pinerly, shows how many clicks, likes, views. i.e. the value of each pin.   
Pinpuff - Calculates a pinfluence score.
Hootsuite - Scheduling for Twitter, Facebook and Google+
DoShare - Chrome extension that allows Google+ scheduling
Statigram - Analyzes Instagram data.
Who.Unfollwed.Me  Shows who's not following you, and who you're not following at Twitter 

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Jing... Better than Bling!

Omg. I would have really appreciated knowing about this 
a long time ago. 

I am HAPPY and also MAD.

It's going to be so cool. And helpful.  And FREE.
It captures anything you see on your computer screen, as an image or short video, and lets you share it instantly.  The possibilities are endless. 

Saturday, January 19, 2013

What Kind of Business Should I Start?

QUESTION:  boz ‏@bozwood
What's the best way to find a 'problem' to build a business around?

ANSWER: James Altucher ‏@jaltucher
Ask yourself: what would make my life easier. Come up w 10 things today. Then 10 tomorrow. Then every day. thats a start.


How do you network and meet other entrepreneurs/ambitious people if you don't live in a major metropolitan area?

ANSWER: James Altucher ‏@jaltucher
Comment every day on ALL of the blogs. offer real value. be nice to people.

QUESTION: @BelmontUniv.
Advice for college students entering the job market?

ANSWER: James Altucher ‏@jaltucher
Start thinking: what ultimate job will i have that will help 1 million people. it sounds large but think large

Thursday, December 13, 2012

9 Great Ted Talks For Entrepreneurs

Purpose, Meaning, & Motivation:

Inner Game of the Entrepreneur:

For Entrepreneurs:

What are the most effective SEO tactics?

  • Register the website and sitemap.xml with Google Webmaster, Yahoo Webmaster, Bing Webmaster
  • Use a content management system that will allow you to manage the On-Page SEO components including Meta Title, Meta Description, H1, and several H2s per page, as well as Link anchor text and Link titles
  • Do the on-page SEO mentioned above on every page
  • Make sure pages are 400 words or more and also have one or more images with image metadata (alt and title tags)
  • Build links to your site, especially to internal pages, not just the home page (where to do this is a challenge, but a diversity of links is recommended (pagerank, types of sites, geographical diversity, etc.)
  • Have a URL structure that has keywords
  • Get a domain name with target keywords in it
  • Use feedburner for the RSS feed and syndicate content (and links) to a Twitter account and Facebook page
  • More content, regular content on the site, either in pages or posts (blog posts/news), but better for both
  • Videos embedded and Video Sitemap submission to Google

Friday, October 19, 2012

My To-Read List

Been a bit quiet here, I know.  Lost my mojo.
But, read about this book (it was recommended by Pat), and I wanted to note so I wouldn't forget!